About us

White City Buildings is a real-estate development company

that operates exclusively in Tel-Aviv.

White City Buildings is a real-estate

development company that operates

exclusively in Tel-Aviv.

The company presents diverse, innovative and creative real-estate, promoting dozens of unique projects since its establishment in 2003. From its beginning, the company operates exclusively in Tel-Aviv, specializing in the unique and typical needs of the city’s residents and its specific planning style.

The company works in collaboration with leading architectural firms and construction experts. In its early days, the company specialized in handling buildings for preservation and promoting complex zoning plans. Currently, the company has urban renewal and urban Hotels projects forming altogether growth drivers which make the company unique in its field.

Main Areas of Operation

Urban Renewal

The company leads complex processes and unique groundbreaking initiatives in ‘Tama 38’ and other projects of urban renewal at the highest standards. These operations are carried out in scattered buildings throughout the city as well as in the development of large sites.

Building Preservation

White City Buildings is a pioneer in the implementation of the preservation plan of Tel-Aviv, and was one of the Municipality’s advisors concerning the implementation of the plan. The extensive experience in promoting and executing complex projects of buildings preservation established the company’s position as the leading company in preserving architectural and historical icons of Tel-Aviv.

Mobilization of Building Rights

White City Buildings is responsible for the majority of building rights mobilization in the city. Mobilizing building rights from preservation building instead of creating new rights is an important tool for encouraging the preservation of buildings in the city. Mobilizing rights is a complex operation that requires great proficiency, in locating receiving lots as well as in taxation and planning issues.


The company sees the hotel business as cutting edge in modern urban development in Tel-Aviv and takes a very active part in this field as well. The company owns boutique hotels in the city and operates persistently to locate suitable buildings for betterment and conversion into hotel usage in the city.

Professional initiation and betterment entity in Tel-Aviv

White City Buildings employs dozens of leading professionals with extensive experience and proficiency in the unique needs of Tel-Aviv’s residents and its specific planning style. The company initiates projects throughout the city, making productive collaborations with various authorities as well as with architect offices and leading industry execution experts

Financial Strength

Due to the company being longstanding and highly-reputed, it has a high credit ranking and financial strengths that enable it to initiate and execute at the largest scale and highest quality level.

Company Management

In 2003 Ben Shoham founded White City Buildings holding company with CPA Gil Hacham. Both, highly experienced in real-estate development, preservation, urban renewal and mobilization of building rights. Mr. Ben Shoham has served as CEO of the company since its establishment. Since 2018 he serves as chairman of the company.

Itzik Ben Shoham

Founder and Chairman

BA in Mechanical Engineering and MA in Civil Engineering Construction Management at the Technion.
Leading Positions: Vice President of Planning and Engineering at Gindi Holdings Group, Engineer at Gemolav Real-Estate Development.

Amikam Berger


BA in Architecture at the Technion
Two decades of experience in architecture and planning, specializing in project management of luxury apartments in Tel-Aviv. Since 2015 serves as Vice President of Planning and Director of the Urban Renewal department at White City Buildings.

Omer Guthholtz

Vice President

Guy Halfon

Vice President - Planning

Moran Barkan


LLB at the College of Management
Attorney Cohen provides ongoing legal services in his position at White City Buildings. He specializes in handling real-estate deals, negotiations and consultation regarding urban renewal projects.

Attorney Maor Cohen

Legal Advisor

Sharon Kellner

Company architect

Yamit Shemesh

PA To Chairman