Preservation and Mobility of Rights

For 15 years the Tel-Aviv municipality promoted an urban plan to preserve 1,100 structures at different levels of preservation. The plan was finally approved in 2008 and the White City Buildings was one of the first to recognize the new purview, and put in a great deal of effort in order to specialize and become a market leader. Throughout the years, the company has promoted and executed projects of many structures for preservation in the city of Tel-Aviv and has acquired a large amount of experience in the field, both in dealing with planning institutions and in the execution and delivery of projects.

The licensing process of structures for preservation is quite different than the standard licensing process, and requires great expertise, with the different bureaucratic and administrative challenges. Each project for preservation begins with composing a historical documentation file and receiving an approval from the preservation team in the Tel-Aviv municipality which verifies that the plans indeed meet their requirements. In effect, the execution of the project also requires a high level of proficiency and engineering skills. The construction is performed under restrictions not to destroy or cause damage to the preserved structure shell, which was usually built according to construction methods that were acceptable around 80 years ago but not today.
Projects for preservation often include a substitute for a safe room within the structure shell, setting up a basement beneath the existing building (“holding the building in the air” while building the basement), condensation prevention and strengthening of the foundation – all jobs that the company has developed a proficiency for. The restoration work is done with special materials, according to the requirements of the municipality preservation team: traditional methods of drywall, electrical wooden shades and windows, restoration of flooring etc.

The complexity of the projects and the fact that each project consists of unique components, makes preparing the business plan a real challenge, ensuring correct initial pricing of expenses and a correct estimate of financial profitability of the project. The extensive experience that the company has acquired in initiating, planning and the execution of tens of preservation projects gives it an advantage and the ability to formulate business plans that guarantee a full exploitation of the property value.
By implementing the preservation program, the company has acquired extensive experience in the taxing of such projects and in betterment tax. As an expert in the taxing field, the company operates with determination and persistence against authorities attempts to harm the rights of the building owners.