149 Dizengof St.

The three-story building was designed in 1935 by the engineer Yechiel Avrahami.
The building is included in the Tel-Aviv Municipality Preservation plan as a ‘Building for preservation with high restrictions’.
The building on 149 Dizengof St is part is part of a series of buildings that create a homogeneous texture typical of the Tel-Aviv street. The structure is designed in a rectangular shape with a trimmed corner. The corner has elements that resemble art deco with a decorative element on the roof.
The preservation work was completed in 2010 and the building is currently occupied with commercial businesses on the street level and residential apartments on the upper floors.

Preservation Architect

Bar Orian Architects

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The story of the building

The Perlmutter house is a testament to the process that many buildings went through during the 1930’s. In 1932 the building was originally designed as a one-story building. The ‘Great Immigration/Aliya’ brought with it a large impoverished population with an urban orientation, which led to the owners decision to destroy the existing structure and in its place design a three-story building. In 1932 the plans were submitted for a building without a commercial level but in 1936 an authorization was received to change the initial plan for the ground floor and make it a commercial ground floor, typical of Dizengof Street.
The interior design of the residential building was simple and functional: A small kitchen and two rooms that lead to a mutual balcony. The balconies that stick out from the building façades accentuate the horizontal elements on both main facades.