28 Levontin St.

The building is included in the preservation plan as a ‘Building for preservation with high restrictions’. It was purchased by White City Buildings with the goal of increasing its value by redesigning the property and preserving it according to its original details. White City buildings received a building permit for the preservation of the building, adding elevators and improving the security rooms inside the apartments.


Occupied. Preservation work was completed in 2009

Preservation Architect

Nitza Smok

Original construction date


Year preservation was completed


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The Story of the Building

Jacobson’s building was designed and built from 1936-1938 for Zalman Jacobson who worked as an exporter of citrus fruit. He was one of the founders of the fuel company ‘Artziisraeli’. The corner building was designed in the international style, located in what was at the time a railroad neighborhood. It is full of unique details on its facades as well as in the stairwells. Originally the building was designed as an office building above a commercial floor. In 1938, the request to convert some of the offices into residential apartments was approved, so in fact the building always combined apartments and offices.
The building, which has two entrances, is divided into 3 distinct wings that are built in a U shape around the rear interior courtyard. The building’s uniqueness is in its space division, the finishing material and the small details.

The Architect

Jacobson’s Building was designed by the engineer and architect Emmanuelle Helbrecht, who was born in 1901 in Bukovina, Romania. His father was one of the leading members in the Jewish community in Bukovina and a passionate Zionist. All six of his children immigrated to Israel.
In 1934, after finishing his studies in Prague and working a year in Paris, Helbrecht emigrated from France to Israel, settled in Ramat Gan and operated from his office on 123 Rothschild Blvd. Helbrecht was friends with Karmi, Rechter and Levontin, hence the link to Zalman Jacobson who was married to Levontin’s daughter.