Urban Renewal
‘Tama 38’

The city of Tel Aviv has recently initiated new zoning plans for its various quarters which implements the country’s general ‘Tama38’ plan. White City Buildings specializes in the implementation of these “Quarters plans”. These plans permit the destruction of existing buildings, and building a new contemporary structure to replace it, according to the new Israeli standard for earthquake resistance.
The expertise that the company has acquired in preservation and its accumulated experience in initiation, promotion and the execution of projects with the Tel-Aviv Municipality, make the company a front runner in Tel Aviv’s urban renewal.

Future complexes and the initiation of special programs

The company’s activity focuses on urban renewal, solely in the field of destruction and rebuilding of structures, and doesn’t handle external renovation and strengthening of existing buildings.
The experience and proficiency that the company has acquired in the field enables it to offer creative solutions that produce financial profitability, even for projects that haven’t been considered profitable until today. The company has various projects, starting from individual buildings and up to large complex building clusters.
For efficient and professional management, we have established within our urban renewal department a number of designated teams, providing professional and modified care for each one of the factors leading to the project’s success:

Resident Accompaniment Department
A number of project managers who know the apartment owners personally, accompany them and assist them throughout the process, starting from the first stage of organization and up until their move back to the new apartment. The project managers give special attention to the residents’ demands since they are a result of their connection with the house they live in, the existing living conditions and their living habits which they would like to preserve. This department supports each resident individually in the eviction process, assisting with the logistics such as haulage, packing, and finding an alternative apartment for elderly residents.

Planning Department
The team is composed by architects, leading interior designers with extensive experience in Tel-Aviv. The department examines the projects’ feasibility and the individual planning of the residents’ apartments, interior changes at different stages of the project and is in charge of the communication with ‘Bar Oryan Architects’ firm which is our house architect firm, designing all our projects.

Project Management Department
The department manages the planning process at the Tel-Aviv Municipality for permits, supervises project budgets, selects advisors, manages construction, hands over the completed apartments to the owners and takes care of repairs during the first warranty year.

The Legal Department
This department manages the legal processes of the projects from the moment we are chosen as the developer, until completion of the project, first year repairs, and the registration of ownerships at the land registration office.